Goodbye, Harleysville Books

It is with great sadness that I announce the closing of my beloved bookstore, Harleysville Books. While our events and book clubs are extremely popular and routinely sell out, our day-to-day traffic and sales do not support the ever-increasing cost of doing business in today's world. Over the past year, the store has become more of a "showroom" for those looking for reading suggestions who then choose to purchase the books from other vendors. It is my sincere hope that those who have enjoyed shopping with us over the past 11 years will stop in during the next few weeks to share their memories and say, "Goodbye." Please stay tuned for details about our final days.


Out of Store Events

Did you know that Harleysville Books sells books for author events held outside the store?

Book sales outside the store provide another service to individuals and organizations in the community and help us increase our sales. We have sold books at author-signing parties in private homes, in churches, and at many other venues.  Each out-of-store sale is different.

Harleysville Books provides books and the staff to sell them, although some groups prefer to sell books themselves. If you are giving a party for a friend who has a book coming out, or if your business or organization is sponsoring a speaker who's written a recent book, give our owner, Stef Steinly(, a call at (215) 256-9311 - the earlier the better - and we'll make every effort to accommodate your needs. We look forward to adding to the success of your event.

Harleysville Books supplies books to these book signing events. Reservations and tickets should be acquired from the hosting organization.