Goodbye, Harleysville Books

It is with great sadness that I announce the closing of my beloved bookstore, Harleysville Books. While our events and book clubs are extremely popular and routinely sell out, our day-to-day traffic and sales do not support the ever-increasing cost of doing business in today's world. Over the past year, the store has become more of a "showroom" for those looking for reading suggestions who then choose to purchase the books from other vendors. It is my sincere hope that those who have enjoyed shopping with us over the past 11 years will stop in during the next few weeks to share their memories and say, "Goodbye." Please stay tuned for details about our final days.


Authors in Schools Program


Goals of the Harleysville Books Authors in Schools Program:

  1. Encourage children to read and write in a variety of genres.
  2. Provide a memorable experience for students, teachers and the author.
  3. Book sales for the featured author.

Harleysville Books will help you by providing the following:

  • All arrangements for the author's visits to your school by communicating with the publicist and school personnel.
  • Book summaries and advance copies of the book.
  • Author information

Planning and Preparing for an Author Visit in Your School

  • Identify the grade levels best suited for your author.  Have a motivated and involved staff.
  • Book sales are important!  This is the only source of revenue the author will receive for this visit as there is no honorarium charged to schools (normally authors charge anywhere from $1,000 to$5,000 plus expenses).
  • Circulate order fliers to students and staff. Have extras available in the main office or library.
  • If your school posts information on your school or District's website, post the flyer there as well.  Circulate a copy to your Home & School members.  Personalized, signed copies make great gifts, and spreading the word gives others the opportunity to purchase a book.
  • Identify one person (either teacher or parent) responsible for collecting the order forms and money.  All checks can be made out to the school.
  • Provide water, chair or other technology requested by the author for the day of the visit.
  • A desk and chair is needed for the author to sign books.

Generating Author Buzz

  • Read portions of chapter books whole picture books to students.
  • Connect writing style to classroom assignments
  • Study author's biography and create interview questions.
  • Integrate the author's work into your special classes (if appropriate).
  • Display the books in library and classrooms.
  • Librarians give book talks (Harleysville Books can help with this!)
  • Identify students to greet the author, introduce the author or lead a tour of the school.

During the Author Visit

  • Have staff or students meet the author in your school office.
  • Have tech staff available to assist the author in setting up the microphone, computer, or other AV equipment.
  • Staff or students should be prepared to introduce the author.
  • While the author is speaking, please have teachers monitoring student behavior.
  • Staff should be able to assist the author in calling on students for questions and answers.
  • Author will be escorted to sign books ordered.
  • Make sure books are clearly assigned to be personalized and signed.
  • Take photos with the author and post them in your newsletter, website and classrooms.

After the Author Visit

  • Send home flyers for one last chance to get book sales.
  • Schools are responsible for returning any unsold books within 10 days of the author visit.  Invoices will be due 30 days after the visit.
  • Other questions? Contact Stephanie Steinly at or 215-256-9311.